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Wargame 1942 | Free Browser Game | MMORPG

Wargame 1942 is one of the successful free games that exists in terms of online war games. In this browser video game that requires no installation or subscription, you are in the shoes of one of the leaders in command of a nation involved in World War II. Conquer this world, as it's your right, and eliminate those who oppose you. Develop your strategy and fight thousands of players in this exceptional, nonstop RPG that offers a level of challenge that only real strategists can expect.

Restore the old order by force or disrupt the world map without excluding anyone from your fury. Your choice. Unless you prefer to use your diplomatic skills and influence world politics to rewrite history in your favor... Or yet again, take control of all oil production, exchanges and refining capacity; paralyze the factories of your enemy’s war effort or destroy his walls and take his buildings, without a hitch, as a liberator… Grow your sphere of influence on the international scene through judicious alliances or vengeful declarations of war! Trade, sell, buy, pledge or betray. You set up your own objective and this is the only thing that will matter. Choose your side and strategy: alliance or division. In both cases, you will only have one goal: be the greatest and most respected general of Wargame1942.