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Wargame 1942

Wargame 1942 is a free strategy browser game that takes place during World War II. As commander in chief, you command your own army in Wargame1942.

Build your base and extend it continuously. Manage resources and get the most out of them by investing them cleverly. In the barracks you train your soldiers to an elite troop. Build your own army of strong soldiers with efficient weapons, powerful tanks, submarines and fast airplanes. Let espionage bring you always one step ahead of your opponents.

Strategic Military Browsergame

Together with your army you will overcome your enemies and rob their resources. You still want more? How about to team-up with some of the strongest alliances and giving a lesson to your opponents about what real team play is.

Trade, conquer and reign. It's up to you how you proceed: develop your own strategy and compete with thousands of players in this captivating military RPG! Wargame1942 offers multiple challenges, which only the best strategy master will solve. Are you ready for it?